Dana Lewis

Rev. Dana Lewis has been serving as Pastor of Mount Carmel Tabernacle since 2007. Born and raised in the intercity of Buffalo, NY- he was guided by his Grandmother who brought him up in a Holy Ghost filled Pentecostal church. Later after drifting away from the Lord- Dana fell into the bondage of alcohol and drugs. He lived in spiritual darkness as a drug addict for over 31 years. His life was one of moving in and out of rehabs, homeless shelters, crack houses, and various ministries. He finally found the victory he so desperately needed as he went back to his spiritual roots and sought the face of God to deliver him. As a result, he was gloriously saved and set free by the Lord Jesus Christ on April 12th, 2000!


Only one week later, God brought him to Pennsylvania with nothing but one grocery bag of clothes. Led by the Spirit of God, Dana was directed to "Life Building Ministries" in Cochranton. While there, he started a singing group called "The Sounds of Bethel". Eventually, while still at Life Building Ministries, he took the position of "Dean of Men" and served in that capacity for four years. It was during his time there that Dana felt the call of God on his life to become an evangelist. And that ultimately led to him becoming our Pastor.


We at Mount Carmel Tabernacle are very blessed to have such a devoted Pastor who brings forth the Word of God with such incredible passion and conviction each and every week. We believe his sermons are second to none, and we know why. It's all about the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon his ministry. Please listen for yourself by clicking on the "Sermons" tab. Or better yet- come and visit us in person this week and see for yourself. We would love to have you!